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Shelly Thai

New York, USA

Jennifer was the first Chinese teacher I had since coming to Beijing 2 years ago, and she continues to be a great mentor today. The first day I met her, she gave me a free introductory class to acquaint ourselves and to gauge my Mandarin level. She examined my reading, listening, speaking, and writing, and designed a game plan for me to improve skills at a realistic and efficient pace. After two years, she has encouraged me to take the HSK 6, and we are currently working together to get my Mandarin skills prepared for the upcoming test. During these past 2 years, she has not only been a great teacher, she has become a good friend, introducing me to the latest Chinese culture in media, music, WeChat subscriptions, and much more! I am so grateful for her guidance in both my language skills and day to day life in Beijing, China.

当我来到北京时Jennifer是我第一个汉语老师。进行第一节课的时候,首先她测量了我的汉语水平(听力,口语,写作,阅读)。 其次,她制定了一个个性化的学习方案让我尽快进步缺陷的方面。到目前为止她不单是我的汉语老师,并且已成为我益友。而且Jennifer不但会培养您的汉语技能,还会提供精神支持,她给予充满的信心让我拥有着勇气面对考新汉语水平六级。除此之外,她还会建议一些现代中国文化方面的媒体(最近的连续剧,流行的活动,近期最红的新闻媒体,等等)。我非常感谢Jennifer相关语言及中国文化的指导。

Tyson Dowd

Melbourne, Australia

I studied in Chinanewcomer for two years while living in Beijing.  Jennifer is my teacher. She is a superb Chinese teacher and supported my needs in learning Chinese very well.  I had already studied Chinese, but made great improvements thanks to her teaching.

I worked with her to define my learning goals - pronunciation improvement, listening improvement, more fluent speech and conversations, improving my reading out loud, understanding more business oriented Chinese.

Unlike many Chinese teachers she has experience in another career and understands the corporate workplace.

One critical attribute of a great teacher is that they catch your errors and continually push you to improve - even if it is repetitive or boring for the teacher, or frustrating for the learner.  Jennifer was excellent at catching the most important mistakes and working with me on them until I improved.  And then we worked on the next problem.  Over time, week by week, I found myself able to easily manage listening and responding to many topics, My pronunciation became more correct and then more natural. 

A second challenge with Chinese is motivation.  It’s a long process and sometimes the textbooks are just too boring.  Jennifer was great at adapting to whatever content I needed to study.  So we would often discuss the news, or a magazine article about my company, a work email, websites, menus, Chinese internet jokes or memes.  I learned how to tell stories about things that were relevant to my life and hence could be used again and again with friends and colleagues, making it memorized and familiar.  Sometimes we would practice the most daunting translation task of all - telling jokes, which was always fun even if the jokes don't always work in Chinese.

Jennifer is also a professionally trained teacher of Chinese to foreigners - she can accurately describe how to pronounce various sounds in terms of mouth shape, tongue position etc.  She has a perfectly standard accent (but can also illustrate Beijing slang) and is familiar with common variations of Chinese you might encounter. She was very experienced in understanding my poorly pronounced Chinese and then over time improving it to much more standard pronunciation.  And she was excellent at sticking to my request of almost always just using Chinese during lessons - despite it sometimes being a bit hard for both of us.  So many times I struggled to explain something I wanted to say, and she would patiently listen and then help me not only say it, but explain how to more easily explain myself.  And of course she is a professional when it comes to punctuality, preparation and confirming timing.

If you want to improve your Chinese and want a teacher that will help you get there, I would very much recommend Chinanewcomer.


Düsseldorf, Germany

Jennifer is a great chinese teacher: she speaks very clearly and with the perfect Beijing accent, and her English is very good. Her lessons are always fun and very flexible, be it about recent news, chinese culture, food, slang and jokes, or any other topic. I take weekly skype lessons with her since almost 2 years, and my chinese has improved very fast since then.    

Catherine Perry

Melbourne, Australia

Jennifer has been an outstanding pipa teacher and has helped me progress from a complete beginner to a skill level that helped me win the Australian 汉语桥 (Chinese Bridge) competition. I first began my tuition with Jennifer during my semester at Peking University and after having returned to Australia Jennifer continues to tutor me over Skype on a regular basis.

Jennifer is an extremely talented pipa player and her understanding of the instrument has helped me to progress much faster than I had expected.

Catarina Cordas

Lisbon, Portuguesa

I always liked the Chinese craft designs that I saw in the new year and special events, but I always thought was impossible to do it for someone like me, that is not talented with manual works at all. However, my teacher Jennifer was able to create a session where we could learn different type of crafts, starting from the easiest that even someone non talented like me can do it. It was a great afternoon to discover a little more about Chinese culture and practice my Chinese.

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