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Official Examiniation Papers of HSK (Level 4)

90% new. I have passed HSK 4. But I haven't used it a lot. It's almost new. WeChat: jnfg1030

32 RMB

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Vacuum Cleaner

80% new. I'm going to move out of Beijing. I am going to sell my vacuum cleaner which is with 3 types of brushers, 4 meters wire and two bags. WeChat: jnfg1030

199 RMB

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99% new. Diameter is 36cm. WeChat: jnfg1030

55 RMB

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99% new. Volume: 1.5L. Can preserve heat for 24 hours. WeChat: jnfg1030

78 RMB

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I am always on my business trip. I have no time to take care of my plant. Hoping you like it! I live in Sanyuanqiao. WeChat: jnfg1030

99 RMB

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