>>  Mandarin Chinese Class in Beijing

In-Person One-on-One Class

250 CNY (40 USD) / hr

Teachers can teach at any convenient time and location to the student such as a coffee shop, an office, or a library. One-on-one classes are the most efficient because they allow teachers to focus on your precise needs. Explanations are also easier face-to-face.

In-Person Group Class (2-3 students)

200 CNY (32 USD) / hr per person

Invite your friends to do a group class together, you'll be able to practice your Mandarin in a cozy and friendly environment.

In-Person Group Class (4-6 students)

150 CNY (24 USD) / hr per person

Compared with smaller group classes,   we'll be able to do more big-group activities including: play Chinese games, role play, and more chances to practice your Chinese with others.

In-Person Group Class (7-10 students)

100 CNY (16 USD) / hr per person

Enjoy the company of even more classmates. With a much larger group, there will be more chances to learn from each other by using activities such as: Chinese movies and media as well as pair work.

In-Person Group Class (more than 10 students)

70 CNY (11.2 USD) / hr per person

With a large class size, you can experience the comradery and competition of other students, make friends with people from all over the world. Large group classes allow for a more immersive experience.

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